Hunting Trips

Are you ready for a hunt of a lifetime? Highpoint can not only mount your trophies but also set you up with the hunt of your dreams.  We offer hunting trips in destinations all over the world. We only book hunts with with outfitters that I or someone from the shop has been there and experienced the hunt first hand. If your interested in a first-class hunt, contact us today for a list of hunts and pricing information.

We have many hunts from Wyoming for Antelope hunting, Montana for Mule deer hunting, Colorado and New Mexico for Elk hunting, Texas for Whitetail hunting, Tennessee for wild hog hunting, Maine for black bear hunting, Alaska for Moose hunting, brown bear hunting and Dall sheep hunting. Then all across the Canadian provinces from British Columbia for Mountain Goat hunting, Mountain Lion hunting and grizzly hunts. We go to Saskatchewan for some of the best Whitetail hunting in the world. Alberta and New Brunswick for the best black bear hunting anywhere. Then not forgetting Quebec and Newfoundland for the ultimate caribou hunts anywhere! Then there is Mexico for excellent Mule deer hunts, and Argentina, South America for Red Stag hunts. 

Now last but not least we have go to one our personal favorite places, South Africa and Namibia for the best plains game hunting offered anywhere in Africa. There are Kudu, Gemsbok, warthogs, eland, nyala, impala, springbuck, waterbuck, wildebeest, and many other plains game to hunt. Then there are dangerous game hunts that include elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, lion, hippo, and crocodile over in Tanzania. Sometimes people are afraid of Africa and how much it probably costs or it’s not safe. One of us at Highpoint Taxidermy goes there at least on an every other year basis and absolutely love it. You can take five animals for the price of one elk here in the states, its amazing. 

Lots of our places are not limited to just what we have listed but we can mix and match what type of animals you like to hunt, what type of hunt you want to do and where at. For example, you can hunt mule deer in Colorado with elk or moose in New Brunswick. There are many options to choose from. All you have to do is let us know. Check out the pictures of the trophies our clients have taken and judge for yourself.

The difference with us rather than many other outfitters is that someone from this Taxidermy studio has been to all these places that we book for. It is very reassuring when we tell our clients, they are going to get nothing less than a spectacular time, and memories that they’ll never forget, feels really good. 

We do like to remind everyone that Top quality taxidermy is our number one priority, and we thought we include these hunting trips because we can provide another great service to our hunters. If you have any questions about any of our hunting trips definitely give us a call and get some more information of species you are interested in hunting.