We are a full time taxidermy studio and book quality hunting trips all across the world. We take care of all a hunters needs in taxidermy from North American game, African game, fresh and salt water taxidermy as well as all birds from Upland to Wetland species.

Highpoint Taxidermy has been open and taking care of hunters’ memories since 1988. Our crew is exceptional. We’ve realized over the years that everyone has strong points and weak points in certain areas. So we’ve arranged our crew accordingly. We have our fish and bird guy that also does all habitats for our life-size mounts.  Then there is our mammal guy that does all shoulder and life-size mounts.  Last but not least our skinner and flesher that preps all the hides to go to the tannery as well as trims and preps all the tanned skins to be ready to be mounted. All of us work together to bring you exceptional quality work, specified to your satisfaction.

From caribou, deer, elk, kudu, buffalo, to Moose and life size mounts of black bear, dall sheep, wolf, leopard, warthogs to alligators, we do it all. We mount all our hunters’ trophies with the highest quality supplies in the taxidermy industry. Starting with competition eyes, high density moulds, to fiberglass bases and habitats with some of the most extravagant sceneries you can imagine, we will make it come alive. Before we start the mount our whole crew gets together and talks about all the aspects of the mount and what our plan will be to get the project going and finished. There are always three of us that will critique the trophy before its ready to go home to make sure all critter features and craftsmanship from shoulder mounts to life size mounts are as perfect as they can be reassuring you get the highest quality trophy possible. 

Here at Highpoint Taxidermy we work on a six to nine month turn around time, absolutely nothing later than nine months. Since we are a full time taxidermy shop we realize there will be weeks with over time and all of us are looking forward to it. All African game goes straight to the tannery after it hits the ports in the States. Please contact us before going on your trip so we can give you tags for your trophies to be labeled whose they are, and they’re destination from Africa to the tannery then here at the taxidermy studio. For all the North American Game, please freeze or skin and salt dry the skins before they’re sent to the shop. This is not for our convenience but for the well being of your trophy and its trip to the shop. There is more information on handling and skinning trophies on field care page. 

Highpoint Taxidermy is conveniently located between Columbus and Zanesville, Ohio on State Route 13 just 2 miles south of Interstate 70.